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Lido Key Travel Information

To help you get the most out of your Lido Key and Lido Beach visit we have compiled some helpful information. Below you will find information on Lido Key parks and beaches, links, telephone numbers, television and radio stations and channels. We have included some important swimming tips to help keep you visit a safe one.

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On-Line Beach Access Guide
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 Lido Key Parks and Beaches

Ken Thompson Park/ City Island 316-1172 — 84 acres
1700 Ken Thompson Parkway, State Road 789, Lido Key 34236

Lido Beach
400 Ben Franklin Drive, Lido Key, FL 34236
Lido Beach is located on Lido Key, one half mile southwest of St. Armand’s Circle, on Ben Franklin Drive.

Holiday Inn Lido Beach Florida


15 acres of land
3,100 linear feet of gulf beach frontage
400 parking spaces
Beach wheelchairs
Gift shop
Handicapped accessible observation decks
Indoor rental, swimming
Lifeguards are on duty year round
Playground equipment
Recreation building
Rest rooms

North Lido Beach
400 Ben Franklin Drive, Lido Key, FL 34236
North Lido Beach is located on Lido Key, one quarter mile northwest of St. Armand’s Circle, off John Ringling Boulevard. The beach is easy to get to, yet visitors experience privacy. Caution must be used when swimming at this beach for there are no lifeguards on duty and the currents are very swift.

77 acres of land
3,000 linear feet of gulf beach frontage
Nature trail
No lifeguards on duty
Passive recreation
Undeveloped land

South Lido Beach
190 Taft Dr. and 2201 Ben Franklin Drive, Lido Key, FL 34236
South Lido park is located on Ben Franklin Drive at the southern tip of Lido Key. The 100 acre park interacts with four significant bodies of water; The Gulf of Mexico, Big Pass, Sarasota Bay and Brushy Bayou. The southern, beach portion of the park offers expansive views of the emerging skyline of downtown Sarasota and the Gulf of Mexico. It also has a great picnic area that is shaded by towering Australian Pines. A separate facility at the north end of the park offers its own nature trail which includes scenic overlooks and boardwalks. Also, at the northern portion of the park are rest room facilities, a picnic area, a canoe launch, and a self guided canoe trail.

100 acres of land
640 linear feet of gulf beach frontage
3,500 linear feet of Big Pass frontage
Designated swimming areas are marked due to very swift currents.
Canoeing, self-guided trail
Fishing fitness/jogging trail
Lifeguards on duty during weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Multi-purpose field
Two nature trails
Parking areas
Passive recreation area
Play equipment
Observation tower and decks
Rest rooms
Undeveloped land
Volleyball court, one outdoor/beach

Common Sense Beach Swimming Rules

Swim within the "Safe Bathing Areas", if marked, at all times.

Florida sunshine is intense. Please be careful when sunbathing and use sunscreen with a high SPF

Learn to Swim - Learning to swim is the best defense against drowning.

Never Swim Alone - Always swim with a companion. At the very least, have someone onshore who can call for help.

Don't Fight the Current - Rip currents are powerful currents of water moving away from shore. They can sweep even the strongest swimmer out to sea. If caught in a rip current, don't fight it by trying to swim directly to shore. Instead, swim parallel to shore until you feel the current relax, then swim to shore. Most rip currents are narrow, and a short swim parallel to shore will bring you to safety. The same forces that cause rip currents also cause longshore currents. These currents are most evident when waves hit the shore at an angle. This tends to cause the water to be pushed along the beach away from the direction of the oncoming waves. Usually, longshore currents are less hazardous than rip currents because they move along the shore, not away from the shore, but they can knock children and weaker adults off their feet. More importantly, longshore currents can feed and increase the power of rip currents. In other words, the longshore current may move along the shore, then turn offshore to become a rip current.

Swim Sober - Alcohol is a major factor in drowning. Alcohol impairs swimming ability and good judgement.

Don't Float Where You Can't Swim - Often, non-swimmers dangerously use floatation devices to go offshore, If they fall off, they can quickly drown. The only exception is a person wearing a Coast Guard approved life jacket.

Don't Dive Headfirst, Protect Your Neck - Diving headfirst into unknown water and striking the bottom can lead to serious, lifelong injuries, including paraplegia. Check for depth and obstructions before diving, and then go in feet first the first time. Use caution while bodysurfing, always extending a hand ahead of you.

Lido Key Links

Sarasota Sheriff Office Gas Price Information
Sarasota Parks

Important Telephone Numbers


Sheriff/Emergencies 911 Sheriff Non Emergency 366-0727
Sarasota County 941-861-5000 Sarasota Parks 1-800-955-8771
Bus Schedule 861-1234 Town of Longboat Key 316-1999


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